Submission guidelines

For each issue we present a theme to be tackled, in any genre, tone or style you prefer. We publish 4 stories per issue/theme, and all stories must be 8 pages – no more, no less.


Current theme:

How do I submit my story?

Easy! But due to the amount of pitches we received earlier we encourage you to submit a brief synopsis (around 250 words) outlining the story, a paragraph explaining what you want to say about the chosen theme in the story and how that will be explored in the story, and the script. Please put the synopsis and paragraph in the body of the e-mail, and attach your script as a PDF (or other readable file).

This way we can chose to read a script if we find the synopsis interesting and find the best storytellers our there. Note that your script, if chosen, will (likely) go through an editing process before it’s ready. We’re all in it to make Outré the best anthology out there.

We will assist bringing the right artist to your story. But creators are welcome to suggest anyone they want or recommend anyone they know, of course.

Naturally, each story remains the property of the creators involved, and can be used for whatever purpose after the Outré issue has been launched.

I want to illustrate an 8-page story…

Terrific! We are looking for all styles and types of artists. Please do send us a link to your portfolio with sequential samples/page samples to the e-mail address below. (We can’t assess your sequential storytelling skills if you just direct us to pin-ups, splash pages and stand-alone illustrations.)

All artwork used for/in Outré remains the property of the creative team/artist. It can be used for whatever benefit the owner(s) desires. All we ask is that the artwork is kept under lid and not shared online until the respectable Outré issue has launched.

I’m an artist and I don’t have time to illustrate a full 8-page story, but I still want to be part of this…

Great! Each issue will feature four different pin-ups/stand-alone illustrations. If you have a story you can tell in a single illustration – working on one of our current themes – we encourage you to get in touch. The illustration does not have to be finished, or even planned, but we require a look at your portfolio so we can understand how the finished illustration will look. The ownership of the illustration will of course remain with the artist, but we want to keep it under wraps until the respectable Outré issue has been launched.

  • Story pitch deadline for issue #1 – Responsibility – closed 15th August, 2012
  • Story pitch deadline for issue #2 – Hopelessness – closed 12th September, 2012
  • Story pitch deadline for issue #3 – Xenophobia – closed 1st May, 2013

Please send submissions & portfolios and/or questions to

All the best, and we look forward to hearing from you!
Glenn Møane & Magnus Aspli

Outré -2012-2013- Press

5 responses to “Submission guidelines

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  4. Jeremy Thomas

    Hey Outre team,
    My name is Jeremy Thomas and I am a freelance comic writer looking for anthogies to get work out in. Just wanted to reacgh out to see if you guys will be accepting pitches for the 4th installment and if so, when. Thanks for the information.

    -Jeremy T

  5. Hi Jeremy! We will be accepting pitches for issue #4, as well. But we haven’t decided on the theme yet, but we’ll probably announce all this information come December/January. Hope to see you pitch in then!

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