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Artist spotlight: K. Michael Russell

One of the latest additions to the Outré family is K. Michael Russell, who will be lending us his coloring skills to one of the stand alone illustrations in our first issue.


Who are you?
My name is Kurt Michael Russell, but I’m usually credited as K. Michael Russell. (Try to find me by Googling my first and last name… go ahead, I’ll wait. Thank my pop-culture oblivious parents for that.) I’m an American freelance comic book colorist and full-time registered nurse. I draw as well, but the majority of my published work has been as a colorist.

Why do you draw/color?
I don’t remember not drawing. My mom told me that I started when I was two years old. I just enjoy doing it–the act of turning a blank canvas into a work of art. One is literally creating. There was nothing there; now there is. There’s something inherently rewarding about that to me.

A good penciller/inker can do much to create the “feel” of a comic book page, but the final word is ultimately with the colorist–to set the mood, to create the atmosphere, to light the scene. I would equate it to the cinematographer or the director of photography on a movie set. I’m a big film buff, and I use movie scenes for reference often. I just really love the whole process.

Where can one find you? is a portal to my Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, and Tumblr pages. I usually put new art and previews that I can on those pages. Feel free to email me at

Kurt Michael will be working on the pin-up that Brian Gilman did for us, which you could see a little snippet from last week. To see more of what this artist is capable of, head on to his DeviantArt page and check out gorgeous pop culture art like this: tmnt2


Outré launches the 4th of May!

Our launch date is approaching steadily, but we’re well underway to hammering, moulding, shaping and cutting Outré into the perfect initial issue.

Our contributors are all hard at work and we’re seeing the end of a few of the stories already. We’ll continue giving you teasers and tastes here on the blog all the way up to the 4th of May.

Kim Holm working on the pages for «Taras and the Monolith», written by Dan Hill.


Seeing as Outré is a non-profit, non-budget anthology with the aim to reach as many readers as possible – regular comic readers and specifically those who don’t read comics (or haven’t in years) – and bringing our talented artists and writers and their stories out into the world, we need some help from the guys and girls behind the almighty internet. Yup, that’s you!

Once you sit there with Outré, or stand on the bus with it, or lie in a tent, or bake on a beach, or wait in line, or ride your bicycle, or drive shotgun in a friend’s car and you’ve read it and enjoyed it, we want you to tell those on the bus about it, or that other guy in the tent, or those playing beach volleyball, or that woman in front of you in line, or the folks who help you back on your bike, or that friend. Or simply sharing it online. Word of mouth will be our fuel, but you’ll have to be our ignition.

If you write a blog or review comics, anthologies or books for a website or a magazine, don’t hesitate getting in touch and we’ll fix you up with a digital review copy as soon as it’s ready.

Here are a few previews of some of the stuff you’ll see in Outré #1:

by Brian Gilman

by Cécile Brun

by Kim Holm – story by Dan Hill

That’s it for now, but remember we’re still accepting submissions for our 3rd issue and all artist are encouraged to get in touch to join Outré in the future. We’re already at work on issue 2 and have already been joined by a special writer for issue 3.

Stay creative!


Glenn & Magnus

Free comics: American Barbarian

Our creative teams are working hard and doing their best to deliver you four free comic book stories on the 4th of May. But until then we don’t want you to to suffer from lack of free comics, so this week we want to direct you to Tom Scioli’s excellent American Barbarian.


A few weeks ago we urged you to check out the adventures Benjamin Marra’s Zorion the Swordlord, a comic that ought to be hit with fans of He-Man, Conan or Mad Max. Scioli’s American Barbarian is arguably cut from the same cloth as Marra’s series, but it’s definitely its own beast.



Scioli, who’s primarily known for the sci-fi-opera series Gødland with Joe Casey, is channeling sequential art legend Jack Kirby in his work – with great effect:


The story itself is pretty straight-forward:  In a post-apocalyptic world, our hero Meric seeks revenge on the monster Two-Tank Omen, who conquered his city and slaughtered his family. Scioli brings the story to life with amazing some imagery and character designs, making American Barbarian the most epic webcomic out there.


One can loose oneself in these hyper-dynamic images for hours, but experience has shown one Outré editor that listening to a suitable record enhances the reading experience. In this case U.S. metal records from the eighties have proved a perfect match (obviously), and he would recommend something in the vein of  Omen’s Battle Cry or Manilla Road’s Crystal Logic as a musical supplement to American Barbarian.

If you enjoy this series and want to support it financially, then you should know that it’s available as a hardcover from AdHouse Books. And on the American Barbarian page, you can also check out two other of Scioli’s online comics, Final Frontier and Satan’s Soldier.

Before we go we want to remind creators again that we’re still looking for submissions for our third issue. Details here.

Happy reading and stay creative!

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press

Production preview of Outré issue #1

We’re deep in production with our initial issue and all our artists are pulling out some terrific pages. Outré is materialising, step by step, and we can’t wait for the 4th of May to arrive, when we will give it to you, completely free!

Kim Holm

A panel from «Taras and the Monolith». Story by Dan Hill, artwork by Kim Holm.

Jim Giar

A work-in-progress panel from Jim Giar on Ronald Montgomery’s «The Most Dangerous Place for Children».

Valentin Ramon

A work-in-progress panel from Valentin Ramon on Glenn Arseneau’s «I, Icarus»

Ben Garriga

[Mobile photo] Snippet of a page by Ben Garriga, on Alex Wilson’s «My Universe Expands Until I Have No Center»

Four diverse stories all dealing with the theme «responsibility», four diverse styles and four terrific artists.

On top of these we’re also including 4 stand-alone illustrations from 4 other brilliant artists, and two unique interviews.

We’ll have more previews as we come closer to the release date. The 4th of May is also Free Comic Book Day, an annual day where all (most) comic book stores give away free comics! So on the 4th, after you’ve gone down and picked up your free stuff and bought some great books, you can sit back and read the very first Outré, as well!

And remember, we’re taking submissions for our 3rd issue, due 2014.

Stay creative!

Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press