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Happy creative holidays!

This week we want to shine some light on what some of our Outré contributors have got rolling beside Outré.

Dan Hill, one of our writers, runs a website all dedicated to writing comics. All the ropes, the how-tos and the resources can be found neatly organized at Dan’s Comic Writer Services 2.0. Always up to date! Do also stop by his main blog to get the first news from his world of creative writing, art and escapades.

We will be unveiling a lot of incoming artwork for Outré in 2013, but thought we could start a bit early, it’s this time of year, after all.

The talented Jim Giar is already deep in Ronald’s WWII story about a soldier who teaches a dog a deadly trick. Here’s a taste, or a thumbnail if you prefer, of how the first two pages will look!



Next year we’ll post all pencilled pages, with snippets of the script. Diving into the details, to see how this story grew from words to art.

Over in the US, our Alex Wilson came 3rd in the International Writers of the Future Contest for 2012! A great achievement, which bags him not only a nice prize, but also an intense week-long writing workshop. Unrelated to the competition, Alex’ short story The Last Christmas of Mrs. Claus is now available on the Kindle over at Amazon. Just in time for Christmas! You’ll find the latest news about Alex on his own blog. Head over and see what he’s cooking.


And over in France (and Japan), at the Atelier Sentô, Cécile and her creative partner Olivier continue to create designs and art in more than just the comic book field. On their blog you’ll find designs for animation, comics and storyboards for their latest short film, 3 Old Gods. The film is directed by Cécile Brun & Olivier Pichard, scenario by Josh Tierney and music by Giannis Milonogiannis & Yoo-hoos.


Ben Garriga gets some love over at ComixTribe where his pin-up was analysed:

Ninja Woman by Ben Garriga

Ninja Woman by Ben Garriga

“Ben has hit a homerun.” Go see what else they say about the pin-up over at the ComixTribe article!

And before you leave, go read Kim Holm’s terrifying and stark adaptation of Lovecraft’s Pickman’s Model! For free!



Fat, delicious food, friends and family will soon be joining us around the dining table. The holidays are just around the corner, and this is the last Outré update before ragnarok. But we’ll be back with more goodies come January 2013!

Happy and creative holidays from all of us at Outré!

Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press


Oh, no! I forgot to buy some gifts!

The holidays are soon upon us and we at Outré would like to wish everyone a stress-free and calm pre-holiday time! (We’ll be back next Wednesday for the last update before the big day.)

But keeping your head calm might be easier said than done these days, because many of us aren’t done with the gifts! You can already find tons of suggestions and top lists of books from 2012 to pick from all over the internet, but here’s a miniature list for those who can’t handle too many alternatives and decisions!


Saga Vol. 1 by Vaughn & Staples
Yes, you will find this book on just about any top list of 2012, and the reason is simple. It’s good. Despite what everyone keeps telling you, this isn’t really a sci-fi book, but a terrific fantasy book about two fresh parents and the forces trying to kill their newborn child. Set in galactic space. A lovely story for just about anyone, (apart from the youngest, as it does have mature themes and violence). If you want your (teen) daughter, girlfriend, wife or mother to get into comics, we recommend Saga. (And guys dig it, too!)


The Madwoman of the Sacred Heart (The Crowned Heart or Le Cœur couronné) by Jodorowsky & Jean Giraud (Mæbius)
Most people will probably know Jodorowsky as an experimental filmmaker and writer of the massive comic saga The Incal. The racy satire The Madwoman of the Sacred Heart seems to be a slightly overlooked story, and on the surface a bit different than what you’d see in Jodorowsky’s more famous work. But like most of his and Mæbius’ work, it is a story about the quest for spirituality and enlightenment. A funny and thought-provoking quest, that is.


Once Upon a Time Machine (anthology)
A massive tome of classic fairytales sent through the time machine into the future. These adaptations of the famous stories will take you on journey across the world and the galaxy. From classic Western fairytales to Arabian fables, there is something for everyone in this book, whether you be old or young, girl or boy, family or friend, too cool for school, or not.

Those three books should be something for anyone who read comics, and anyone who will read comics.

Maybe you have other great suggestions for books to give to friends and family this holiday? Do tell us in the comments below!

Happy reading, and stay creative!

All the best,
Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press

Artist spotlight: Ben Garriga

It’s time to present the fourth and final sequential artist that will participate in our first issue:

ben garriga

Who are you?
My name is Ben Garriga.  I’m an artist located in the United States.

Why do you draw?
I draw because I love to.  There’s so much flowing through the mind and committing it to paper is my best attempt at capturing it. It’s the best way I have to let someone else see through my eyes.  If I go to long without creating some kind of art I start to feel suffocated, so I guess I draw because I have to.

Where can one find you?
The best way to find me would be my deviant art page: I can be reached through email at

Ben will work with writer Alex Wilson on the story “My universe expands until I have no center” . To get a sense of Ben’s skills with his pencil, hop on over to his website to check out art like this: