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Writer spotlight: Dan Hill

One of the writers in Outré’s initial issue, about responsibility, is Dan Hill:


Who are you?
Writer, war comic aficionado, Superman, Batman, Jimmy Olsen. Not always in that order.

Why do you write?
Because it feels like coming home. Because it’s a compulsion. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Where can one find you?
My blog can be found here, and I also maintain a huge repository of links relating to comic book writing that people may find useful; here

Dan Hill’s short story in Outré deals with our responsibility for the environment, about a young man who neglects an age-old ritual, despite his dying father’s warnings.

Story teasers!

The first issue of Outré is beginning to take shape in the writing department. We’re not going to announce the names of the writers just yet, but since some of the scripts are already in the can we thought we could give you a little tease about what we have in store for you.

As mentioned, the stories in the first anthology will deal with responsibility. Out of all the pitches we received, we picked four we felt embraced this theme the best, as well as being intriguing stories on their own. The genres range from futuristic fables to war stories, and we think all of the artists involved will have a blast working on them. On to the teasers:

An ambitious scientist learns the dangers of particle accelerators.

We follow a woman’s development from being a young girl to an adult at the end of a universe.

In Russia, malicious soldiers train a farm dog in a most hazardous game.

Despite the warnings of his dying father, a young man decides to neglect an age-old ritual.


And that’s all we can spill for now. Keep watching this space for more.


Glenn & Magnus

Submission window closes 23:59 tonight!

Submissions for our second issue, about hopelessness, closes MIDNIGHT.

We are extremely grateful for all the pitches we’ve received so far (and will receive!). We thought we had a huge amount for our initial issue, but it turns out you have all doubled that amount for our second issue. Many thanks!

We will try to assess all the submissions in a week or so, so please be patient.

While we will be working on the second issue somewhat in the shadows, please check back for updates on the progress of our initial issue. Before you know it we will have writer announcements, artwork previews and more.

And in a month or so we hope to have a launch date ready for you all.

Thanks again for all the enthusiasm and support! Outré is coming to life!


Stay tuned,

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press


A picture says more than a thousand words…

Or so they say. We’ll be diplomatic and say the word counts just as much as the art here at Outré.

But up until this point, Outré has only displayed the word, and simply promised art. We know our legitimacy won’t hold solid before we launch our first issue. Or that we’d have any slice of legitimacy as a comic anthology before any art was presented. But the involvement and amount of pitches from writers (and artists) have been huge, and we are grateful for all the support and belief in Outré!

So it’s with great pleasure to show you the seeds of what will become the cover for our initial issue, about responsibility, created by the talented Alex Elykov.

Here are the suggestions he sent us after we gave him the theme “responsibility” to tackle:





Which one we chose to proceed with you’ll figure out next time…

In the meantime, the deadline for submitting your pitch to the second issue, about hopelessness, is drawing to a close. The gate shuts after the 12th of September. Read the submission guidelines here.

Get involved!

Magnus & Glenn

Outré Press

10 days left to submit your pitch

After the 12th of September we will be closing the story submission gates for our second issue, about “hopelessness”.

We’ve already received a lot of pitches but there is always room for more! We will be going through the submissions after the 12th and none have been read (or picked) so far, so entering late in the game does not lower your chances. All pitches will remain unread until the 13th.

We hope to get back to all of you within a week or two after the deadline.

If you just became aware of Outré head over to our submission guidelines and start hacking away at that pitch!

And for all you artists, you can submit your artwork for our single page illustration section. Read over the submission guidelines and get involved if you are confident in your craft.

As for the sequential story artwork we are actively headhunting at the moment to find styles that suit our four stories for our initial issue.  But… if you’re confident you’ve got what it takes, you can send us a link to your online portfolio and we’ll be in touch if we find a match.
We have already locked down a few interesting and diverse artists which we can’t wait to show you all. Snippets and previews soon.


All the best,

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press