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Artist spotlight: Jonas A. Larsen

Our next talent up is a young gentleman from Norway. Meet Jonas.

jonas a

Who are you?
The name is Jonas Alexander Larsen. Some 22-year-old Norwegian illustrator and writer. Working mostly on illustration and comics, but I’m also doing scripts, articles and different kinds of fiction. The inspiration comes to me from movies, books, comics, music, dreams (my dreams are pretty weird) and science fiction. And the world we live in, of course.

Why do you draw?
It’s a passion, and something I have to do. I enjoy telling stories, either by drawings, pictures or texts, and I think there’s no limit in which medium you can use. A single illustration may tell a story, as well. Yeah – stories and drawing is a passion, and in comics you can do both!

Where can one find you?
I’m mostly updating my portfolio at, which is in Norwegian. I also have a Tumblr, at, in English. I’ll try update this one on a more regular basis too. Mark my words, yes?

vannskrekk litennattfugl

Writer spotlight: Kevin Fong

Today we’re continuing our new round of creator presentations, and the next guy in line is none other than Kevin Fong. Kevin is the writer of “Cassandra”, a bleak tale about the consequences of overmedication.


Who are you?
Just a guy from Brooklyn trying to make sense of the world, of everything, one day at a time.

Why do you write?
To understand myself. To understand others. To discover emotional truths. And for the chase. There’ll never be a perfect story, but one day I hope to write someone’s favorite, even if that someone is just me.

Where can one find you?
Infrequent brainfarts: @akevinfong
Stuff published online:

Creator spotlight: Brett Uren

Today’s post is a special one, as we’re premiering another round of creator spotlights. As we did before the release of our first issue, we’re going to present everyone who’s involved with Outré #2. First up is Brett Uren, whose work we may have mentioned earlier this year.

Brett Uren headshot

Who are you?
My name is Brett Uren, I’m a writer and artist hailing from The Shire… I mean Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, England.

Sometimes I get confused, both have hairy short people, ubiquitous pubs and magic in the hills.

I enjoy all forms of art and this is reflected in the breadth of my work. However, I must confess to enjoying the streak of darkness that runs through my sci-fi, fantasy and cartoon output.

When I think of a nasty idea I light up like a kid at Christmas.
That’s probably normal, right?

Why do you write and draw?
There was once was a musician who worked for a Canadian Dreadlock Wax and Accessory company, his name was Jacob the Baker. He cut up old 70’s funk records with children’s story tapes, hip-hop beats and Slayer. And yea it was awesome.

On his only album before an untimely death, there was a track which contained a voice over for it’s whole length. The stand out passage – ‘Jacob was as a reed and God blew through him, making music of him’.

Now, I’m not a religious sort, but I understand the subconscious and spiritual connections inherent in letting a creation be born via you, almost playing the role of midwife for a memetic birthing. I am compelled to see how far down the rabbit hole I can go, then looking back at the screen or paper and thinking ‘did I do that?’.

Also, I devoured cartoons, comics and video games as a kid and i’ve refused to ‘grow up’. There is no defining biological line that states you must become some buttoned-down, sensible, societally-compliant ‘adult’. It’s just a state of mind… and one I thoroughly disapprove of. It seriously stunts your horizons.

Where can one find you?
You can have a delve around my work and blog-type ramblings at, and I am also part of the team at my current indie publisher, Dead Universe Publishing, whom you can gawk at via and I sometimes write articles or reviews for and am connected at the hip to my email via that home office crossed with a Tamagotchi… you know, a smartphone.

Brett’s story in Outré #2 is titled “Torsobear”. It’s a grim fable set in the cozy, cartoon-like city of Toyburg, and it’s also the only story in the issue that’s created by a single artist.

As a special treat for our readers we’re going show you a special pin-up Brett made for the story, which should also give you a good impression of what you can expect from it art-wise:
torsobear cover
Have you ever seen a cuter cop duo? We didn’t think so. Check out more samples of Brett’s amazing art below and be sure to tune in next week.

Gog magog


Kimbiji and Tap Vale A3 print - 1

Vale A3 print - 2b

Stay creative!

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press

Outré #2: Story teasers


It’s that time again. Outré #1 will be available on this site as long as there is an Internet, but now we’re fully focused on bringing you the second issue this Christmas. Since all the scripts for Outré #2 have been in the can for quite a while we thought we’d give you a little tease about what the stories are about. As you know, hopelessness is the name of the game, and we’re proud to say that the four stories we picked approaches this theme in four very different ways:

– In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a woman tries to make the most out of her depressing situation.

– An elderly lady experiences terror and anxiety in her jail-like captivity.

– Toyburg is a bright and idyllic place, but  police detective Ruxby is haunted by the grim murders that plague the town.

– A bipolar seventeen year old girl  struggles with the numbing effects of her medication.

As with our first issue the genres vary, from science fiction to post-modern fables. We will reveal the names of the writers behind these stories very soon, so keep checking in.

Stay creative!

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press