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London Super Comic Con: Aftermath

This year’s London Super Comic Convention is over and done with and the Outré editors had a very good time. Magnus signed copies of his Vessel of Terror at the Markosia booth, and Glenn went around chasing signatures from sequential art legends such as Roy Thomas, Herb Trimpe, Gary Erskine and John McCrea.

Glenn on the first day. Bag full of comics.

Glenn on the first day. Bag full of comics.

But our favorite part of the con was to just walk around the floor and talk to some of the small press folks. And though we didn’t have time to check out every single table, our overall impression was that LSSC’s artist alley was filled with tons of talented comic creators.

Here’s a sample of what we bought from the various guys and gals we chatted with:


Both Magnus and Glenn picked up the first volume of Brett Uren’s Kuzimu, published by 215 Ink. Kuzimu is an unique beast both art and story-wise, as the story is about a reptilian creature making its way through a forgotten spirit realm. Definitely a book for fans of the “new weird” genre. And without giving anything away: don’t be surprised if you see Brett’s work in a future issue of Outré.


Sarah Jones sold postcards, prints and mini-comics at her table, and Glenn bought a copy of The Doll Maker. Illustrated in a manga style, the book tells a bitter-sweet tale about a life-changing meeting between a doll maker and a customer. Since we’re all about free comics here at Outré HQ, we’re happy tell you that Sarah has posted the entire comic on her website. Check it out, but remember to have your handkerchief ready!


Glenn also picked up a couple of mini-comics from Aneurin Wright, author of the acclaimed graphic novel Things to do in a Retirement Home Trailer Park When You’re 29 & Unemployed. The first one, titled Never eat with a spoon that which can be eaten with a fork, is basically a series of illustrated mug shots of people who were banned from the shopping mall where Aneurin used to work. The second book was titled One bedroom’s all you can sleep in at a time, and consisted of gorgeous pencil drawings of people sleeping. Two strange and beautiful little books, that one would have a hard time finding in the spinner racks at a regular comic store.


Sharing the table with Aneurin was veteran comic journalist and editor Paul Gravett. Magnus bought the anthology The Mammoth Book of Best Crime Comics, which Paul edited back in 2008. This was also probably the convention’s best deal when it came to getting your money’s worth, as the price for this 480-page monster of a book was only five pounds. For an anthology featuring stories by Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Alex Toth and Johnny Craig, that’s quite a bargain.


Glenn and Magnus also walked home with a copy of The Evil Tree each. Written by Eric Hendrix and drawn by Daniel Thollin, the graphic novel received rave reviews from horror fans last year; all of them unanimously saying that they had experienced one genuinely scary comic. As soon as any of the Outré editors dare to open the book, we’ll let you know if we agree.

So overall we’re more than happy with this con. Apart from the cool comics we brought home to Norway, we also made some contacts that may benefit Outré in the future. We’re going to round off this week’s post with a couple of pictures from the convention floor: The first one shows Magnus standing in one of the original art booths, looking up at one very iconic David Lloyd page from V for Vendetta. The price: 6000 pounds – or 9100 US dollars.









Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press

Our first cover is ready…

Alex Elykov put in all the hard work to bring Outré its first cover artwork. We’ve now finished it up with a logo and all. A terrific cover which we believe stands out and shows a (terrifyingly) ambiguous spin on the theme: responsibility.

Outré #1 - Responsibility - by Alex Elykov

Outré #1 – Responsibility – by Alex Elykov

Issue one launches universe-wide the 4th of May. We’ve still got a lot of work ahead of us to finalize Responsibility, but we have already begun shaping our second issue, Hopelessness. We haven’t got a cover artist for #2 yet, so if you’re a talented artist/designer maybe you would want that spot?

If so, send us an e-mail. We also continue to accept submissions for our 3rd issue, so to all of you and your talented friends, get creative and join Outré!

23rd & 24th of February, at the Excel Center.

23rd & 24th of February, at the Excel Center.

This coming weekend, the 23rd and 24th, we are going to the London Super Comic Con. LSCC is in its second year and the attendance and success of last year promise another terrific convention.

Outré will not have a table, but we (Glenn and Magnus) will attend both days, as editors for Outré and as writers. Do feel free to grab us while we’re waltzing around the floor, or go to the Markosia booth around 2pm Saturday, where Magnus will be signing his graphic novel The Vessel of Terror. We’re looking forward to meeting all the talented people there!

Since we’ve been pretty enigmatic and concealed ourselves in the shadows of Outré, here’s a picture of the both of us for your memory bank:

The very spot - Oslo Comic Expo 2012 - where Outré was conceived.

The very spot – Oslo Comic Expo 2012 – where Outré was conceived.

See you in London!


Keep calm…

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press

Free comics! FUBAR!


Another Wednesday is here and we feel it’s time again to plug some free comics. This week we want to direct your attention to indie artist extraordinaire Benjamin Marra and his imprint Traditional Comics.


Marra is the man behind titles such as Night Business, Lincoln Washington: Free Man, Gangsta Rap Posse and The Incredibly Fantastic Adventures of Maureen Dowd. Almost all of these comics are notorious and/or outrageous to one degree or another, but you’ll find nothing less than rock-solid storytelling in each and every issue. Marra takes his comics seriously, as should be evident if you’ve read the interviews he did with The Comics Journal and Robot 6.

Today we want to point out to you what is probably Marra’s least known comic book work. And you’ll find it right on his Traditional Comics site, available to read for free. Ladies and gents, check out his Space Barbarians of the Ultimate Future Dimensions: Zorion the Swordlord.


Do you like Conan the Barbarian, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Mad Max, Kull the Conqueror or Red Sonja? Then we suggest that you sit down with a beer and enjoy the 39 pages (and one double page spread) that are available of this epic fantasy series. We could go on about how übercool this comic is for another 500 words, but we’d rather let these random panels do the trick:

2 11 33 44


We also wanted to be a little bold and  do some self-promotion. If you’re into indie comics, you may have heard of the New York Times best selling anthology series FUBAR, which high concept is “historical zombie stories”. The third volume, titled FUBAR: American History Z, is now available to order in this month’s Previews catalog, and as its name hints at the focus this time around is on American History.


It just so happens that both Magnus and Glenn have written a story for this volume, and it would please us immensly if you’d consider pre-ordering it. You can do so by telling your local comics retailer that the order code for this book is FEB130673, and you’ll find the actual solicitation on page 232 in Previews (If you don’t have a comic book shop nearby, you can pre-order the book from online retailers like these).

Now, what has this got to do with free comics? We’re glad you asked. Before you put away the Previews catalog, flip it to page 22. In the upper right corner on that page, you’ll see the cover of the FUBAR FCBD 2013 Special, which will be available on Saturday, May 4. This is as you know Free Comic Book Day, and also the official release date for  Outré’s first issue.

FUBAR Free Comic Book Day cover

So if you’re not completely sold on the idea of reading more stories about the walking dead, pick up the Special and see what FUBAR is all about (pulp zombie yarns that are helluva fun!) before you decide on picking up a copy. But whatever you do that day: Don’t forget to download the first issue of our anthology.

That’s it for now. To those of you who want to be a part of our third, xenophobia-themed issue: Don’t forget that there’s still plenty of time to submit scripts and sequential samples. Check out our submission guidelines for more details.

Thanks and stay creative!

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press

Outré issue #1 coming to life…

Hi again!

Another Wednesday, another update from the Outré. This last week we’ve seen both lovely pages coming in for our initial issue (set to launch in May) and a few submissions to our 3rd issue (already!), launching in 2014.

Ronald Montgomery’s story about the dog Ludmila is illustrated by the always terrific Jim Giar. They’ve got the excellent Tim Switalski with them to colour the tale, and brilliant Rafer Roberts to put the crown on with his lettering. Here’s the first page from the story, in pencils:

outre 1.res

Ludmila and her master Marko, somewhere in Russia.

Tune back every Wednesday and we’ll give you some exclusive previews on all the stories and illustrations for issue 1. The diversity of stories is as broad as the variety of the artwork. There will surely be something for everyone in Outré.

We did a little satellite scoop and discovered that the contributors for issue one come from eight different countries. (And probably more once we’ve filled all the posts.)


United Kingdom, USA, Canada, France, Israel, Serbia, Norway and Spain.

We’re always on the lookout for talented artists to bring stories to life, or their own stand-alone illustrations, through Outré. If you’re one of them, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The story submission window for our 3rd issue, about xenophobia, is still open. Check out the guidelines on our submission page.

Get creative and join Outré!

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press