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Xenophobia is the theme for Outré’s 3rd issue, and we want you!

Everyone's a stranger somewhere.

Everyone’s a stranger somewhere.


[zen-uh-foh-bee-uh, zee-nuh-]

an unreasonable fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of that which is foreign or strange.

1900–05; xeno- + -phobia


We’ve all had it, to some degree. We’re all born with it. We’ve all felt it. Against ourselves. In society. In our community. Fear of the strange, fear of what we are not familiar with permeates mankind. Thus, I bet you have a story inside you, in any shape or form, that deals with xenophobia!
From the 1st of February to the 1st of May we hold our submission doors open. Read the submission guidelines and start hammering down that eight-page script. Note that due to the lengthy “window”, we will not be able to respond before May comes, so please don’t take the silence for ignorance. We’ll go through all submissions, and everyone will get a reply.
Write a classic.

Write a classic.

So far the Outré group consists of 8 writers (four per issue) and even more artists, and the stories and talent we’re bringing to life has astounded us. Our first issue will launch before summer and we can’t wait to show the world what these talented writers and artists have done.

We welcome you all to join the Outré group and we await your submissions!

PS: If you’re an artist who would love to contribute to Outré, check out the submission guidelines!

Stay creative!

Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press

Calling all artists!

This week we at Outré HQ want to address the artists who are considering being a part of our second issue. We got four solid stories lined up for this  issue, which will deal with the theme of hopelessness. And as we mentioned last Wednesday, three of these are in need of an artist at this moment.

Coincidentally, these three stories revolve around women, each of them at a different stage in their lives.

The first story is about an elderly lady and how she copes with her existence  at a nursing home. This one could be considered “slice-of-life”, though the theme is very much in place throughout the whole tale.

This is also true for the second story, in which the main character is a bipolar teenage girl. There’s a touch of magic realism here too, not unlike what Neil Gaiman and other Vertigo writers brought to the table years ago.

In the third story we’re deep into the genre of post-apocalyptic fiction. Here we follow a woman in her early thirties as she tries to make sense of her place in the world after an alien invasion.

If any artists would want to take a shot at one of these 8-page yarns, do not hesitate to shoot us an e-mail with your sequential samples. And as with our first issue, we’re also looking for four different artist who would want to contribute with a stand-alone illustration dealing with the current theme.

There is no pay involved, so please don’t ask for this when submitting. What we’re offering is to  be a part of a free, high-end comics anthology on the web, which we’ll promote to as many readers as possible.

Since we’re aiming for a Christmas 2013 release with this issue, all the artists chosen would be expected to meet the deadline which is September 1. This is over six months off, so hopefully this shouldn’t be a problem.

As before, please send all submissions to

We’re looking forward to hearing from all the eager and talented artists out there! All the best till then,

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press

2013 – the year of the Outré!

Let’s start with you, artists, illustrators and doodlers! We want you on Outré!


Our first issue, about responsibility will be launched later this year. Right now, a handful of artists are working together with the writers to bring the scripts to life.

But while we’re working on issue one, we also want to get going on our second issue, Hopelessness, which already has a lot of talent attached. But right now we need 3 artists to join our writers on bringing the stories to life (Our 4th story already has an artist). If you’re up for illustrating an 8-page comic script, get in touch! We’re not looking for any particular styles, and we’ll merge the right artist with the right script once we and the writer see a match. But don’t hesitate sending us your sequential samples, be they black/white or coloured or whatever finish you think is your strongest, as we only have 3 spaces.

Head over to our submissions page for more information and the contact details!

Since we’re off to such a good start, we wanted to lift the veil on the theme of our 3rd issue, (which we hope to launch at the break of 2014). Xenophobia is the theme for our third installment and the submission gates open on the 1st of February. More information closer to the date!

Until next Wednesday, stay creative!

Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press


A picture says more than a thousand words…

Or so they say. We’ll be diplomatic and say the word counts just as much as the art here at Outré.

But up until this point, Outré has only displayed the word, and simply promised art. We know our legitimacy won’t hold solid before we launch our first issue. Or that we’d have any slice of legitimacy as a comic anthology before any art was presented. But the involvement and amount of pitches from writers (and artists) have been huge, and we are grateful for all the support and belief in Outré!

So it’s with great pleasure to show you the seeds of what will become the cover for our initial issue, about responsibility, created by the talented Alex Elykov.

Here are the suggestions he sent us after we gave him the theme “responsibility” to tackle:





Which one we chose to proceed with you’ll figure out next time…

In the meantime, the deadline for submitting your pitch to the second issue, about hopelessness, is drawing to a close. The gate shuts after the 12th of September. Read the submission guidelines here.

Get involved!

Magnus & Glenn

Outré Press

10 days left to submit your pitch

After the 12th of September we will be closing the story submission gates for our second issue, about “hopelessness”.

We’ve already received a lot of pitches but there is always room for more! We will be going through the submissions after the 12th and none have been read (or picked) so far, so entering late in the game does not lower your chances. All pitches will remain unread until the 13th.

We hope to get back to all of you within a week or two after the deadline.

If you just became aware of Outré head over to our submission guidelines and start hacking away at that pitch!

And for all you artists, you can submit your artwork for our single page illustration section. Read over the submission guidelines and get involved if you are confident in your craft.

As for the sequential story artwork we are actively headhunting at the moment to find styles that suit our four stories for our initial issue.  But… if you’re confident you’ve got what it takes, you can send us a link to your online portfolio and we’ll be in touch if we find a match.
We have already locked down a few interesting and diverse artists which we can’t wait to show you all. Snippets and previews soon.


All the best,

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press

Pitches selected for our initial issue about responsibility

Thanks to everyone who submitted to our initial issue where the theme was “responsibility”! We are extremely grateful for your interest and enthusiasm in Outré!

With so many great stories and so few places (4) it was a tough call. But we have now picked the four pitches that came out on top.

Everyone who submitted a pitch should have gotten a reply. If not, please contact us. We’d also like to apologise for not being able to get into the reasons for the rejected stories, as there were too many of them to go into details. We hope you understand and respect our decision.

The four chosen pitches have now entered their development phase and we will keep you all posted on the progress in the coming weeks and months right here on the blog.

The deadline for our second issue, about “hopelessness” is due the 12th September, so do spread the word and get pitchin´! (Visit the submission guidelines page on how to submit.)


Be creative!

Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press

Deadline extended for issue #2 – “Hopelessness”

We received a huge amount of pitches for our initial issue – responsibility – but a lot less for our second issue about hopelessness (which we want to get working on simultaneously). Therefore we want to extend the deadline another four weeks. So the new story pitch deadline for our second issue is the 12th of September.

Please read through our submission guidelines on how to submit.

We apologise to those who have already submitted to this issue who will now have to wait some weeks extra to hear back.


Looking forward to your submissions!

Glenn & Magnus