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Preview: Torsobear


All the creative teams are doing their best to complete all the stories for Outré #2 on time, but we’re pleased to announce that one story is already in the can.

The story is by the beforementioned “Torsobear” by Brett Uren, who has been pulling all the strings on this one: writing, pencilling, inking, coloring and lettering. The man is nothing less than a sequential art machine and we’re extremely pleased to have him on board for our second issue.

To celebrate the completion of “Torsobear”, we thought we could show you the first two pages from this noir-esque fable. Here we are introduced to police detective Ruxby Bear, his newly assigned partner Hasbrow, and the cozy world in which these characters inhabit. Without going into spoilers, poor Ruxby Bear will soon learn that there are horrors to be found even in the happy town of Toyburg.



You’ll have to wait a few months to learn what lies behind the bootlaces. It is not a pretty sight, but we hope you’ll tune in and check it out nevertheless.

Stay creative!

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press


Writer spotlight: Jonathan Clode

Next fella up is a scribe from a mystical country – with an even more mystical language. Luckily they communicate in English rather well, too. Meet Jonathan:


Who are you?
My name is Jonathan Clode, and I live in Cardiff, Wales. I write comic books, my angle usually being something that takes a particular genre & plays around with it. Lately I’ve been getting into writing more historical & socially driven stories.
Why do you write?
Because I can’t draw! As a kid I wanted to be an artist, then an actor, and after realising I had neither the chops or temperament for either I started writing. I’ve been obsessed with comics since I first saw Superman, and after fiddling with trying to write plays and then prose, it dawned on me that I should be writing in the medium that I love. And I wouldn’t do anything else now, even if I could!
Where can one find you?
I’m technically homeless, on the web at least… but have started up a blog together with Jonas, which can be found here:
I’m also writing and co-editing a forthcoming WWI anthology, which can be found here:
Should really sort out a place of my own though eh...