What is Outré?

The Outré anthology is the brainchild of Norwegian comic book creators Magnus Aspli and Glenn Møane. Both fans of short stories, we started toying with the idea of launching an online anthology with a strong emphasis on quality and meaning. The anthology will feature stories by creators who have something to say and are hungry to get their work out there.

With Outré we want to deliver a thoughtful and unique product with superb quality in art and storytelling. For free.

Initially Outré will be published online two or three times a year. It will be available for free as a downloadable file, which we will promote and spread through as many channels as possible.

Each issue will feature four stories by four different creative teams, as well as two in-depth creator conversations and four stand-alone illustrations playing on the theme of the issue. Each story in Outré should be completely self-contained and exactly eight pages in length – no exceptions. Naturally, each story remains the property of the creators involved.

With strong focus on creating a consistent and thoughtful anthology, each issue of Outré will be theme-oriented. The creators involved are presented with a theme which they can approach in any way they like. Genre, style and tone are all up to the creator(s), as long as the resulting story is about the current theme.

  • The first issue of Outré is about responsibility.
  • The second issue’s theme is hopelessness.
  • The third issue’s theme is xenophobia.

There is no money involved, so why do it? What we offer is to be part of a unique anthology that we aim to expose to all the corners of the internet, for free. Having people you’ve never met read and discuss – and continue to spread your stories… we at Outré Press cannot think of a greater reward for a hungry creator.

  • Read the submission guidelines and get involved!


Glenn Møane & Magnus Aspli
OUTRE -2012-2013- PRESS


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