Free comics: American Barbarian

Our creative teams are working hard and doing their best to deliver you four free comic book stories on the 4th of May. But until then we don’t want you to to suffer from lack of free comics, so this week we want to direct you to Tom Scioli’s excellent American Barbarian.


A few weeks ago we urged you to check out the adventures Benjamin Marra’s Zorion the Swordlord, a comic that ought to be hit with fans of He-Man, Conan or Mad Max. Scioli’s American Barbarian is arguably cut from the same cloth as Marra’s series, but it’s definitely its own beast.



Scioli, who’s primarily known for the sci-fi-opera series Gødland with Joe Casey, is channeling sequential art legend Jack Kirby in his work – with great effect:


The story itself is pretty straight-forward:  In a post-apocalyptic world, our hero Meric seeks revenge on the monster Two-Tank Omen, who conquered his city and slaughtered his family. Scioli brings the story to life with amazing some imagery and character designs, making American Barbarian the most epic webcomic out there.


One can loose oneself in these hyper-dynamic images for hours, but experience has shown one Outré editor that listening to a suitable record enhances the reading experience. In this case U.S. metal records from the eighties have proved a perfect match (obviously), and he would recommend something in the vein of  Omen’s Battle Cry or Manilla Road’s Crystal Logic as a musical supplement to American Barbarian.

If you enjoy this series and want to support it financially, then you should know that it’s available as a hardcover from AdHouse Books. And on the American Barbarian page, you can also check out two other of Scioli’s online comics, Final Frontier and Satan’s Soldier.

Before we go we want to remind creators again that we’re still looking for submissions for our third issue. Details here.

Happy reading and stay creative!

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press


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