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Artist spotlight: Rafer Roberts

Rafer hard at work.

Working really hard. The cat, we mean.

Rafer has joined artist Jim Giar and colourist Tim Switalski on Ronald Montgomery’s script «The Most Dangerous Place For Children», as letterer. And that means lettering done by hand!


Notice the great pacing in Ronald’s script, the terrific art by Jim, the poppin’ colours by Tim, and the final touch by Rafer.

The Reverend Rafer Roberts has been making comics since the dawn of time. His works include PLASTIC FARM, numerous anthologies such as the New York Times bestselling FUBAR: EMPIRE OF THE RISING DEAD and DISTRICT COMICS, DOPE FIENDS OF THE ZOMBIE CAFE and its sequel WILD WOMEN OF THE KITTY-KAT GALAXY with Sean Frost, and the oddly popular NIGHTMARE THE RAT. His lettering has even obscured other people’s artwork in the ONCE UPON A TIME MACHINE anthology from Dark Horse Comics. Rafer is married to his muse, and along with their dwindling supply of cats, live the life of hermits.

Twitter: @plasticfarm

You’ll see more of Rafer and the story this coming Saturday. Stay tuned!

And stay creative!

Glenn & Magnus
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