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Artist spotlight: Jonas A. Larsen

Our next talent up is a young gentleman from Norway. Meet Jonas.

jonas a

Who are you?
The name is Jonas Alexander Larsen. Some 22-year-old Norwegian illustrator and writer. Working mostly on illustration and comics, but I’m also doing scripts, articles and different kinds of fiction. The inspiration comes to me from movies, books, comics, music, dreams (my dreams are pretty weird) and science fiction. And the world we live in, of course.

Why do you draw?
It’s a passion, and something I have to do. I enjoy telling stories, either by drawings, pictures or texts, and I think there’s no limit in which medium you can use. A single illustration may tell a story, as well. Yeah – stories and drawing is a passion, and in comics you can do both!

Where can one find you?
I’m mostly updating my portfolio at http://jonasalarsen.com/, which is in Norwegian. I also have a Tumblr, at http://jonasalarsen.tumblr.com/, in English. I’ll try update this one on a more regular basis too. Mark my words, yes?

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