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Outré #1: One month later

Today is the 5th of June, which means that it’s exactly one month and one day since we released Outré #1 to the world (download it here!). We’re extremely pleased with what we’ve achieved so far, as the response has been very positive and people all over the world are still downloading the issue. Thanks again to everyone of you who decided to check it out.


And speaking of positive feedback: We have a fresh review to show you, this time from Unleash the Fanboy, who gave the issue four out of five stars. The score is great in itself, but we’re also pleased to see that the reviewer got what we’re trying to do with the creators involved:

This book is free; it allows the contributors to retain their rights; and it publishes in-depth profiles of creators toiling in the comics field.  While the identified mission of Outré is to “raise awareness” about comics as a storytelling medium, their approach reveals a deeper intent: to raise the profile of the actual storytellers themselves.  If you’re looking for new creators to fall in love with, an anthology is a great place to start, and Outré seems to know that.  The final page of Outré #1 is simply a roll call of every artist and writer that contributed with direct links to their websites.  The invitation is clear: if you like what you see, go get more.  In an industry that sometimes treats creators like fast food treats its cows, this is new.

So if you haven’t already, do take a minute and go over the beforementioned page (or jump directly to our “creator roundup” here). These creators have a lot of cool stuff on their comic book résumé, which should make the wait for Outré #2 a little more bearable.

Talk to you soon and stay creative!

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press


Sneak peek: “Responsibility” cover

Our terrific cover artist, Alex Elykov, has been relocating from Israel to the UK these last weeks, but took the time to send us an update on the cover. Still a work in progress, but now with colours!

We showed you four cover sketches earlier. All solid, all different, and all playing on the theme of responsibility. And here’s the one we picked for the initial cover for Outré:

At the moment we’re finalizing the scripts for the first Outré issue and finding the right artists. Until we’ve got things locked down we won’t drop any names, but at the moment this seems to be one fantastic issue, with artists as diverse and talented as the stories and writers before them.

Return shortly for more updates about Outré, the launch of our first issue and the stories and the people who’re making it all happen!
Stay creative!

Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press