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Artist spotlight: Jonas A. Larsen

Our next talent up is a young gentleman from Norway. Meet Jonas.

jonas a

Who are you?
The name is Jonas Alexander Larsen. Some 22-year-old Norwegian illustrator and writer. Working mostly on illustration and comics, but I’m also doing scripts, articles and different kinds of fiction. The inspiration comes to me from movies, books, comics, music, dreams (my dreams are pretty weird) and science fiction. And the world we live in, of course.

Why do you draw?
It’s a passion, and something I have to do. I enjoy telling stories, either by drawings, pictures or texts, and I think there’s no limit in which medium you can use. A single illustration may tell a story, as well. Yeah – stories and drawing is a passion, and in comics you can do both!

Where can one find you?
I’m mostly updating my portfolio at http://jonasalarsen.com/, which is in Norwegian. I also have a Tumblr, at http://jonasalarsen.tumblr.com/, in English. I’ll try update this one on a more regular basis too. Mark my words, yes?

vannskrekk litennattfugl




This is just to let you know that we will be suspending our regular transmissions until July 31. Summer is finally upon us,  and we here at Outré HC are going to take a most welcome (and dare we say well-deserved)  vacation.

We will update the blog if there is something we just have to share with you right away, but for now the plan is to return to our regular programming by the end of July.

From then on you can look forward to presentations of the creators behind the next installment of Outré, and of course teasers about its content. As we told you many times before, Outré #2 is all about “hopelessness”, and we couldn’t be more optimistic about the issue.

We’d like to wish all our readers, downloaders and supporters a safe and happy summer. And don’t forget:

Stay creative!

Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press

Outré #1: One month later

Today is the 5th of June, which means that it’s exactly one month and one day since we released Outré #1 to the world (download it here!). We’re extremely pleased with what we’ve achieved so far, as the response has been very positive and people all over the world are still downloading the issue. Thanks again to everyone of you who decided to check it out.


And speaking of positive feedback: We have a fresh review to show you, this time from Unleash the Fanboy, who gave the issue four out of five stars. The score is great in itself, but we’re also pleased to see that the reviewer got what we’re trying to do with the creators involved:

This book is free; it allows the contributors to retain their rights; and it publishes in-depth profiles of creators toiling in the comics field.  While the identified mission of Outré is to “raise awareness” about comics as a storytelling medium, their approach reveals a deeper intent: to raise the profile of the actual storytellers themselves.  If you’re looking for new creators to fall in love with, an anthology is a great place to start, and Outré seems to know that.  The final page of Outré #1 is simply a roll call of every artist and writer that contributed with direct links to their websites.  The invitation is clear: if you like what you see, go get more.  In an industry that sometimes treats creators like fast food treats its cows, this is new.

So if you haven’t already, do take a minute and go over the beforementioned page (or jump directly to our “creator roundup” here). These creators have a lot of cool stuff on their comic book résumé, which should make the wait for Outré #2 a little more bearable.

Talk to you soon and stay creative!

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press

Artist spotlight: Tim Switalski

One of the creators that we didn’t get to feature in a spotlight before our first issue launched was artist Tim Switalski. Tim helped out Ronald Montgomery and Jim Giar as he brought some vivid colors to the story “The Most Dangerous Place For Children”. Tim doesn’t just colour, and is a solid illustrator as well.

Tim Swit Photo

Who are you? 
My name is Tim Switalski, I’m an artist and illustrator from Cleveland, Ohio. I can draw pretty much everything, but science fiction, fantasy, and comic art is where my true passions lie.

Why do you draw and color?
To appease the Art Gods…or I draw, very simply, because I love to. I have been drawing all my life and I have no plans to stop. Artistically my primary focus has been to create full illustrations, turning imagination into reality is a thrill like nothing else in the world.

I just recently started coloring other artist’s work, and the collaboration has been very enjoyable. Creating art with a team is refreshing, the blending of each artist’s skill creates a surprising final image, it’s a very unique artistic experience.

Where can one find you?
www.timswitalski.com is my main website, I update the blog on a pretty regular basis, and it has links to my various other Internet contributions. You should also check out my art collective’s site rustbeltmonster.blogspot.com where we all draw from the same monthly theme, with exciting outcomes. I can be contacted at timswit@gmail.com.

Below you can get a taste of Tim’s art and see how he approached two different pop culture phenomenons with his tools.

Into Where the WILD Things Are

Hail to the King Baby

Outré #3: Story submissions closing!

Hello everyone,

This week is all about the launch of our first issue, but we still want to mention that today is the final deadline to send us story submissions for our xenophobia-themed issue, which will be released next year.

We want to thank all the writers who have submitted scripts our way. We’re going to read through all of them in the coming month, and we’ll get back to each and every one of you with our thoughts. Thanks again for submitting, and for your patience.

As for artists who are thinking about joining the Outré family:  We are still very much interested in hearing from you, so please send us links to your sequential art portfolios. The same goes for the artists who don’t have the time to commit to a full 8-pager, as the issue will include four stand-alone illustrations showing the artist’s unique take on the theme of xenophobia. You’ll find all the details about submitting here.

Check in tomorrow, as we’ll be back with another creator spotlight.

Stay creative!

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press

One week until Outré launches!

This coming Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, and also, most importantly, the launch date for our first Outré digital magazine! Here’s a taste for what’s to come.


Together with these fantastic stories and illustrations from our talented artists and writers, we’ve also got a monologue, call it a featurette if you like, by Fiona Staples. One of the most prominent female artists in the Western comic scene. She’s done tons of covers for all manner of titles, but is best known for illustrating Saga, a terrific comic book series which continues to garner fans and praise and controversy. In Outré, Fiona tells us all about the joys and struggles of her work, how it impacts on her life, what storytelling is to her, and if we as storytellers bear a responsibility to our listeners, readers and audiences.

6 days, and counting!

Stay creative!

Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press

Artist spotlight: K. Michael Russell

One of the latest additions to the Outré family is K. Michael Russell, who will be lending us his coloring skills to one of the stand alone illustrations in our first issue.


Who are you?
My name is Kurt Michael Russell, but I’m usually credited as K. Michael Russell. (Try to find me by Googling my first and last name… go ahead, I’ll wait. Thank my pop-culture oblivious parents for that.) I’m an American freelance comic book colorist and full-time registered nurse. I draw as well, but the majority of my published work has been as a colorist.

Why do you draw/color?
I don’t remember not drawing. My mom told me that I started when I was two years old. I just enjoy doing it–the act of turning a blank canvas into a work of art. One is literally creating. There was nothing there; now there is. There’s something inherently rewarding about that to me.

A good penciller/inker can do much to create the “feel” of a comic book page, but the final word is ultimately with the colorist–to set the mood, to create the atmosphere, to light the scene. I would equate it to the cinematographer or the director of photography on a movie set. I’m a big film buff, and I use movie scenes for reference often. I just really love the whole process.

Where can one find you?
www.michruss.com is a portal to my Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, and Tumblr pages. I usually put new art and previews that I can on those pages. Feel free to email me at kmichruss@gmail.com.

Kurt Michael will be working on the pin-up that Brian Gilman did for us, which you could see a little snippet from last week. To see more of what this artist is capable of, head on to his DeviantArt page and check out gorgeous pop culture art like this: tmnt2