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More praise for our debut issue

As always, a big thank you to everyone reading Outré and spreading the good word. We get new readers everyday, especially thanks to the bloggers and reviewers who’re saying great things.


Two more reviews have gone up. The first from Comic Bastards, giving Outré a 4 out of 5!

While I tend to prefer Dark Horse’s approach of larger stories spread throughout several issues, Outre has a very different and cool approach to the anthology style.

Read the whole review here.


The other review is from blogger Paul Mirek.

The credits list may give it away, but this is in fact a free anthology–and much better than it has any right to be. The mission statement at the beginning of the book outlines the editors’ quest to build on the momentum of the current wave of “serious” comic creators while opening up the medium to a more mainstream audience. The production levels for this first issue are high: four short stories, three pin-ups, and two interviews. All deal with the idea of “responsibility,” with genres running from fantasy to sci-fi to historical fiction. The two strongest entries are “My Universe Expands Until I Have No Center,” a galaxy-spanning cyberpunk epic by Carrboroite Alex Wilson and Ben Garriga, and “The Most Dangerous Place for Children,” a WWII-era parable by Ronald Montgomery, Jim Giar, Tim Switalksi, and Rafer Roberts. For me, the best part of these projects is the new bodies of work to explore afterwards, and Outre is no exception. I look forward to tracking down many of these creators while I await issue #2.

Check out his May round-up of free comics here.

We’re hard at work getting our second issue ready for its December launch, and prepping our third issue, set for launch on Free Comic Book Day next year. In comics you simply have to be the early bird.

We’ll soon start showing off what we have in store for #2, but in the meantime, head over to our download page and get your copy of Outré’s debut issue!

Stay creative!

Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press