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Outre #1: Creator Roundup!


Tomorrow is the big day, as Outré #1, “the Responsibility issue”, will be released to the world in all its glory. But before you download it to your tablet, phone, laptop or home computer, we thought we would do a quick presentation of all the creators that have been involved in bringing it to life. These guys have put in countless of hours in order to getting the issue done, so we feel that they definitely deserve both your attention and applause.

Untitled 3

The cover is by Alex Elykov, a digital illustrator from the Nottingham, UK. Apart from Outré Press, he has done work for publishers such as RiotShell Comics and Alderac Entertainment Group. Check out his work at http://alexelykov.carbonmade.com.


The first story, “Taras and the Monolith”, is by Dan Hill and Kim Holm. Dan, a UK-based writer, has had stories published by Viper Comics and Ape Entertainment. He also writes the column “Opening Contract” at the comic book site The Weekly Crisis. You can find him at http://dan-hill.org.


Kim is from Bergen, Norway, and has been creating comics since he was a teenager. We at Outré are very fond of his Lovecraft adaptation The Pickman’s Model, which you can read for free here. He also illustrates extreme metal concerts during events like the Inferno Festival. Find him at http://cartoonarchy.no.


“My Universe Expands Until I Have No Center” is written by Alex Wilson and drawn by Ben Garriga. Alex is a writer and actor from Carrboro in North Carolina, and his 5-pager “The Time of Reflection” won an Eagle Award in 2012. Visit http://alexwilson.com for regular updates about Alex’s shenanigans.

ben garriga

Ben is from the States as well, and he’s showcasing some of his excellent art at his DeviantArt page: http://graphitenightmare.deviantart.com.


The third story, titled “The Most Dangerous Place For Children”, is written by Ronald Montgomery, penciled and inked by Jim Giar, colored by Tim Switalski and lettered by Rafer Roberts. Ronald has written stories for publishers Alterna Comics, Tribe Comics and Black Ship Books.


Jim is from Cleveland, Ohio, and a member of The Rust Belt Monster Collective. You can see samples from some of the amazing stuff Jim has done on http://chelzostudios.com.

Tim Swit Photo

Tim, another Rust Belt Monster from Cleveland, does not only colors, but full art as well, which you can find at http://www.timswit.com and http://www.timswitalski.com.


The same goes for Rafer, who we presented to you yesterday. He is perhaps most known as the creator of the Plastic Farm series, which has been going on since 2002. Follow Rafer’s work at http://plasticfarm.com.


The final 8-pager in the issue one is “I, Icarus”, by Glenn Arseneau and Valentin Ramon. Glenn is an archaeologist who his graphic novel Greyman published through Arcana Studio in 2011, as well as The Price by 215 Ink the same year. He can be found on Twitter as @glennarseneau.


Valentin is a illustrator from Spain who’s currently living in London, UK. He has done covers for Bluewater Comics and the short story “Stinky”, which he did with writer Fabian Rangel Jr., was published by Challenger Comics in 2012. Check out his portfolio at http://valentinramon.blogspot.co.uk.


Cécile Brun has done one of the four stand-alone illustrations in Outre #1. She is a 24 year old girl from France, who along with her partner Olivier is a member of the Atelier Sentô studio. The two of them are currently working on an exciting project titled Natsuko, which you can see first beautiful pages from at http://atelier-sento.tumblr.com.


The second illustration comes from Jelena Đorđević, who lives in Serbia. She’s an artist who’s currently working on an ambitious series titled Empire of Blood, with writers Michael DeShane and Magnus Aspli (that name sounds familiar…). To see pages from that and other projects, check out Jelena’s work here: http://besnglist.daportfolio.com.

briangilman Brian Gilman is an up and coming artist who majored in illustration. You can see samples from some of the short stories he’s worked on at his blog at http://gilmancomics.blogspot.com, as well on his DeviantArt page: http://warder120.deviantart.com.


Bringing colors to Brian’s illustration is K. Michael Russell, who’s a full-time registered nurse and freelance comic book colorist. His online portal can be found at www.michruss.com.

Majstor Ske a

Last, but not least, we have artist Aleksandar Božić Ske, also from Serbia. In addition to freelance work, he has done comics for Bluewater Comics, as well as a one-shot with writer Glenn Møane (that name sounds familiar too…). See his online portfolio at http://skecomx.weebly.com.

So there you have them, ladies and gentlemen. We hope you enjoy what these creators are bringing to the table on this year’s Free Comic Book Day, along with the other comics you may pick up. See you tomorrow!

Stay creative!

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press


Our first cover is ready…

Alex Elykov put in all the hard work to bring Outré its first cover artwork. We’ve now finished it up with a logo and all. A terrific cover which we believe stands out and shows a (terrifyingly) ambiguous spin on the theme: responsibility.

Outré #1 - Responsibility - by Alex Elykov

Outré #1 – Responsibility – by Alex Elykov

Issue one launches universe-wide the 4th of May. We’ve still got a lot of work ahead of us to finalize Responsibility, but we have already begun shaping our second issue, Hopelessness. We haven’t got a cover artist for #2 yet, so if you’re a talented artist/designer maybe you would want that spot?

If so, send us an e-mail. We also continue to accept submissions for our 3rd issue, so to all of you and your talented friends, get creative and join Outré!

23rd & 24th of February, at the Excel Center.

23rd & 24th of February, at the Excel Center.

This coming weekend, the 23rd and 24th, we are going to the London Super Comic Con. LSCC is in its second year and the attendance and success of last year promise another terrific convention.

Outré will not have a table, but we (Glenn and Magnus) will attend both days, as editors for Outré and as writers. Do feel free to grab us while we’re waltzing around the floor, or go to the Markosia booth around 2pm Saturday, where Magnus will be signing his graphic novel The Vessel of Terror. We’re looking forward to meeting all the talented people there!

Since we’ve been pretty enigmatic and concealed ourselves in the shadows of Outré, here’s a picture of the both of us for your memory bank:

The very spot - Oslo Comic Expo 2012 - where Outré was conceived.

The very spot – Oslo Comic Expo 2012 – where Outré was conceived.

See you in London!


Keep calm…

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press

The cover for Outré #1 coming together

Alex Elykov, our eminent cover artist, relocated from Israel to the UK not long ago. But despite all the hassle of moving and setting up he’s just about to finish the beautiful cover for our initial issue. A colourful and fanastical illustration that speaks directly to our theme: responsibility.

Here are some work-in-progress snippets:


All the four stories for our first issue have found their right artist. We’ve already announced Jim and Valentin, and we’ll announce more artists shortly, together with some initial concept sketches.

Stay creative!

Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press

Sneak peek: “Responsibility” cover

Our terrific cover artist, Alex Elykov, has been relocating from Israel to the UK these last weeks, but took the time to send us an update on the cover. Still a work in progress, but now with colours!

We showed you four cover sketches earlier. All solid, all different, and all playing on the theme of responsibility. And here’s the one we picked for the initial cover for Outré:

At the moment we’re finalizing the scripts for the first Outré issue and finding the right artists. Until we’ve got things locked down we won’t drop any names, but at the moment this seems to be one fantastic issue, with artists as diverse and talented as the stories and writers before them.

Return shortly for more updates about Outré, the launch of our first issue and the stories and the people who’re making it all happen!
Stay creative!

Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press


A picture says more than a thousand words…

Or so they say. We’ll be diplomatic and say the word counts just as much as the art here at Outré.

But up until this point, Outré has only displayed the word, and simply promised art. We know our legitimacy won’t hold solid before we launch our first issue. Or that we’d have any slice of legitimacy as a comic anthology before any art was presented. But the involvement and amount of pitches from writers (and artists) have been huge, and we are grateful for all the support and belief in Outré!

So it’s with great pleasure to show you the seeds of what will become the cover for our initial issue, about responsibility, created by the talented Alex Elykov.

Here are the suggestions he sent us after we gave him the theme “responsibility” to tackle:





Which one we chose to proceed with you’ll figure out next time…

In the meantime, the deadline for submitting your pitch to the second issue, about hopelessness, is drawing to a close. The gate shuts after the 12th of September. Read the submission guidelines here.

Get involved!

Magnus & Glenn

Outré Press