Outré #2: Story teasers


It’s that time again. Outré #1 will be available on this site as long as there is an Internet, but now we’re fully focused on bringing you the second issue this Christmas. Since all the scripts for Outré #2 have been in the can for quite a while we thought we’d give you a little tease about what the stories are about. As you know, hopelessness is the name of the game, and we’re proud to say that the four stories we picked approaches this theme in four very different ways:

– In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a woman tries to make the most out of her depressing situation.

– An elderly lady experiences terror and anxiety in her jail-like captivity.

– Toyburg is a bright and idyllic place, but  police detective Ruxby is haunted by the grim murders that plague the town.

– A bipolar seventeen year old girl  struggles with the numbing effects of her medication.

As with our first issue the genres vary, from science fiction to post-modern fables. We will reveal the names of the writers behind these stories very soon, so keep checking in.

Stay creative!

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press


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