New creators & Comics Experience plug


With our first issue finished and presented to the world, we are looking forward as the creators involved start the production of the second one. Recently we have added a coulple of more names to this installment, which is due to be released this Christmas. We have a new cover artist on board, and we’re very excited to see what he’ll bring to the table.

We also have two new artists who will be doing a stand-alone illustration each playing on the theme “hopelessness”. And our four different creative teams are just about ready to begin working on their stories, which is the meat and potatoes of every Outré issue. We would have liked to reveal the names of all these creators right now, but readers will have to stay patient for a little while longer.

With the launch of a new comics anthology and all that entails with it, we’ve been busy this last two months. But this week we will go through the rest of the pitches we received for Outré #3, “the Xenophobia issue”. As soon as we’ve agreed on which of them we will give a green light, we’ll get back to the creators who submitted scripts our way. This shouldn’t take more than a week from now, so thanks again to everyone involved for your patience.


In other news, we are pleased to see that guys and gals all over the world are still checking out Outré #1 and saying nice things to us about it (If you haven’t already, go get it here!). Today we also received a nice plug from Rob Anderson at the Comics Experience blog.

Rob Anderson is the writer of Rex, Zombie Killer and a general manager/moderator at Comics Experience. For those of you who don’t know about it, Comics Experience is an online community tailored specifically to comic book creators, headed by former Marvel and IDW editor Andy Schmidt. In addition to the main workshop, Schmidt offers specific courses to creators who would want to learn more about writing, penciling, coloring, lettering or even editing comics.

The Comics Experience staff are made up of people like writer Chuck Dixon, artist Robert Atkins and colorist Chris Sotomayor, among others. It’s a great and a really inspiring community, and comics creators who are starting out should definitely consider joining. Outré editor Glenn has been a workshop member there since 2010, and the advice and feedback he has received on his work has been invaluable.

Stay creative!

Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press

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