Outré issue #1 coming to life…

Hi again!

Another Wednesday, another update from the Outré. This last week we’ve seen both lovely pages coming in for our initial issue (set to launch in May) and a few submissions to our 3rd issue (already!), launching in 2014.

Ronald Montgomery’s story about the dog Ludmila is illustrated by the always terrific Jim Giar. They’ve got the excellent Tim Switalski with them to colour the tale, and brilliant Rafer Roberts to put the crown on with his lettering. Here’s the first page from the story, in pencils:

outre 1.res

Ludmila and her master Marko, somewhere in Russia.

Tune back every Wednesday and we’ll give you some exclusive previews on all the stories and illustrations for issue 1. The diversity of stories is as broad as the variety of the artwork. There will surely be something for everyone in Outré.

We did a little satellite scoop and discovered that the contributors for issue one come from eight different countries. (And probably more once we’ve filled all the posts.)


United Kingdom, USA, Canada, France, Israel, Serbia, Norway and Spain.

We’re always on the lookout for talented artists to bring stories to life, or their own stand-alone illustrations, through Outré. If you’re one of them, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The story submission window for our 3rd issue, about xenophobia, is still open. Check out the guidelines on our submission page.

Get creative and join Outré!

Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press


One response to “Outré issue #1 coming to life…

  1. Reblogged this on MAGNUS ASPLI and commented:
    Outré is starting to come to life. We’re all hard at work behind the curtains. I urge all you storytellers out there to get involved with our 3rd issue. Prose writers, screenwriters or poets or whatever. Get submittin’!

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