Oh, no! I forgot to buy some gifts!

The holidays are soon upon us and we at Outré would like to wish everyone a stress-free and calm pre-holiday time! (We’ll be back next Wednesday for the last update before the big day.)

But keeping your head calm might be easier said than done these days, because many of us aren’t done with the gifts! You can already find tons of suggestions and top lists of books from 2012 to pick from all over the internet, but here’s a miniature list for those who can’t handle too many alternatives and decisions!


Saga Vol. 1 by Vaughn & Staples
Yes, you will find this book on just about any top list of 2012, and the reason is simple. It’s good. Despite what everyone keeps telling you, this isn’t really a sci-fi book, but a terrific fantasy book about two fresh parents and the forces trying to kill their newborn child. Set in galactic space. A lovely story for just about anyone, (apart from the youngest, as it does have mature themes and violence). If you want your (teen) daughter, girlfriend, wife or mother to get into comics, we recommend Saga. (And guys dig it, too!)


The Madwoman of the Sacred Heart (The Crowned Heart or Le Cœur couronné) by Jodorowsky & Jean Giraud (Mæbius)
Most people will probably know Jodorowsky as an experimental filmmaker and writer of the massive comic saga The Incal. The racy satire The Madwoman of the Sacred Heart seems to be a slightly overlooked story, and on the surface a bit different than what you’d see in Jodorowsky’s more famous work. But like most of his and Mæbius’ work, it is a story about the quest for spirituality and enlightenment. A funny and thought-provoking quest, that is.


Once Upon a Time Machine (anthology)
A massive tome of classic fairytales sent through the time machine into the future. These adaptations of the famous stories will take you on journey across the world and the galaxy. From classic Western fairytales to Arabian fables, there is something for everyone in this book, whether you be old or young, girl or boy, family or friend, too cool for school, or not.

Those three books should be something for anyone who read comics, and anyone who will read comics.

Maybe you have other great suggestions for books to give to friends and family this holiday? Do tell us in the comments below!

Happy reading, and stay creative!

All the best,
Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press


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