Artist spotlight: Ben Garriga

It’s time to present the fourth and final sequential artist that will participate in our first issue:

ben garriga

Who are you?
My name is Ben Garriga.  I’m an artist located in the United States.

Why do you draw?
I draw because I love to.  There’s so much flowing through the mind and committing it to paper is my best attempt at capturing it. It’s the best way I have to let someone else see through my eyes.  If I go to long without creating some kind of art I start to feel suffocated, so I guess I draw because I have to.

Where can one find you?
The best way to find me would be my deviant art page: I can be reached through email at

Ben will work with writer Alex Wilson on the story “My universe expands until I have no center” . To get a sense of Ben’s skills with his pencil, hop on over to his website to check out art like this:


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