Outré #1: Official release date

Putting together an anthology takes time. There’s a lot of threads to keep track of when each issue is supposed to house four different comic book  stories from four different creative teams. And since we  at Outré HC are asking all the creators involved to work for nothing but fame and glamor, it is obvious that we can’t be too strict when it comes to deadlines. We want each creative team to take their time to deliver the best 8-page story possible, which should be evident when the first installment is released.

The final script drafts for the first issue have been handed in and approved. The artists are working diligently away on the stories, and three of the four stand alone illustrations are done and ready. As for the second issue we’re in the process of polishing the scripts and we expect them all to be ready for an artist soon (We’ll be talking about this in early 2013, and our plans for the third issue shortly after that).

So the Outré train is definitely on the right track and we hope you’ll all stay on board for the entire ride. And if you can stand that worn-out metaphor you deserve to be told that  Outré #1, the responsibility issue, will be available on Saturday, May 4th. Yes, it is a few months off, but could there be a more fitting date than  Free Comic Book Day for a project like this? We didn’t think so either.

In the meantime we’ll give you regular updates about this and the following issues as they take form.  Before we leave you this week we want to show you three snippets from the aforementioned stand alone illustrations. Cécile Brun, Aleksandar Bozic Ske and Jelena Đorđević each bring their unique vision to the theme of responsibility and we can’t wait to show you all of what they’ve come up with in May.

Tune in soon and stay creative!
Magnus & Glenn
Outré Press


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