Artist spotlight: Cécile Brun


We are glad to announce another terrific traditional artist for our initial issue of Outré. Cécile will contribute to the theme responsibility with a unique stand alone illustration.


Who are you?
I am Cécile Brun, a 24 years old French girl living in Brittany, and a member of the strange Atelier Sentô team.


Why do you draw?
I draw because I have a lot of imagination, and just thinking about it isn’t enough for me. I need to get it on the page to make it a bit real in our dimension.


Where can one find you?
Well… You can visit me anytime in Brittany. But travels are expensive and thanks to the web you can easily find my works and all my projects on the Atelier Sentô:

I also have a DeviantArt profile:

And my own Tumblr:


Cécile and her partner Olivier at Atelier Sentô will have a short story in issue #31 of Prophet. A bonus reason to check out the fantastic sci-fi craziness Brandon Graham & Co. are making.


Stay creative!


Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press

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