Fill your weekend with free comics: Part Two

Another weekend is here, and it’s time again to tell you about some free and excellent comics that are only a click away.

First off we want to direct you to Dylan Meconis’ website. Dylan is a creator living in Portland, and on her site you can read the long-running historical epic Family Man. You can also find a good handful of short stories, and we at Outré Press are especially fond of the 23-page story Outfoxed,  a charming fable about the meeting between a laundress and a fox with a very special talent. The story was even nominated for an Eisner Award earlier this year, so you should definitely add it to your reading list.

The same goes for Ed Brisson’s Murder Book stories. Ed is a Canadian writer and letterer who’s been working in comics since the nineties, and this month his miniseries Comeback will be out from Image Comics. The Murder Book site currently hosts six different stories illustrated by artists such as Simon Roy and Vic Malhotra, and there will be more to come shortly. If you’re into hardboiled crime noir yarns without a shred of sentimentality, Murder Book is the thing for you.

Happy reading and stay creative!

Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press


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