Fill your weekend with free comics!

This weekend we don’t want to talk about Outré… but other free comics out here on the megastructure of the internet. Comics that can fill your weekend with laughter and fun, or dread and horror.

One of the most outlandish webcomics out there is Ryan Browne’s Blast Furnace. Each page is created with little or no pre-planning, which has resulted in one zany reading experience. There’s flashbacks-within-flashbacks-within-flashbacks, character names like “70’s Turtle” and “He who looks exactly like a horse but actually is just a hideously deformed man” and the protagonist wears a tie that’s seemingly burning forever. The first book in the series concluded earlier this year and hopefully we’ll see some new material soon. Blast Furnace is crazy, offensive and a helluva fun. Also check out Browne’s other series, God Hates Astronauts.

In a deeper and darker corner of storytelling you will find Kim Holm’s stark and powerful adaptation of Lovecraft’s Pickman’s Model. A story of dark truths and ancient wickedness surfacing, where the stark and bold artwork by Kim grows and taints the surface – much like the supposed evil in the tale. Pickman’s Model can be downloaded for free, but also bought from IndyPlanet.

Study Group and What Things Do – two sites that feature mini-comics and periodicals from lots of different artists – dwell more in experimental territory, with quirky, strange and lovely stories that will keep you coming back every weekend for something new, fresh and bold.

Happy reading and stay creative!

Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press


2 responses to “Fill your weekend with free comics!

  1. Outre – Apparently I missed one comic book site on the internet in my travels. Fixed!

    Have you perchance come across my current comic project?

    It’s Lovecraftian, sure, but it’s really an attempt to blur some interesting bits of history together without breaking it in the process. The story is as true to form as we could make it and still include otherworldly evil. Take a look.

  2. Thank you, David. Best of luck with The Wardenclyffe Horror!

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