Artist Spotlight: James (Jim) Giar

To spice up the sexiness we’ve got Mr Giar with us!

Who are you?
Artist… illustrator… storyteller. Muralist… live artist. Father, husband. I relish it all….

Why do you draw?
I draw because I have to. I’ve drawn quite literally all my life. It is who I am. I consider myself fortunate that I was given this ability to express myself through my art… and I have a deep love and appreciation for comics as an art form. I use both to put myself out there.

Where can one find you?
Websites: /  The Facebook… The Twitter. I’m on there somewhere… everywhere.

Jim will join writer Ronald Montgomery to bring his story about a dog at war to life. If you can’t wait and want your hands on a story Jim has illustrated already, then you’ll find him in Locust Moon & Dark Horse’s brand new fairytale anthology; Once Upon a Time Machine.


Stay creative!


Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press


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