Artist spotlight: Jelena Đorđević

We’re proud to announce another artist who’ll be joining us to make Outré’s first issue outstanding!

Who are you?
I’m Jelena Đorđević, I make comics and illustrations and I live in Serbia. I started drawing more seriously just a couple of years ago and have published my first fully individual work as an artist this year, called Ulysses Reload. Recently, I’m engaged in making OGN Empire of Blood with writers Magnus Aspli and Michael DeShane.

Why do you draw?
I draw because it’s a beautiful way to make some sense on life, like any other form of creativity, I guess. Also, I feel like drawing is more connected to the essence of what I am than any other artificial skill I may (or may not) have. It’s a good way to show off, but also a good way to be aware of your limitations all the time.

Where can one find you?
My virtual base is on

Jelena is one of 4 artists who will contribute a stand-alone illustration to our issue about responsibility. Here is a little preview to show what’s in store:

The scripts for our initial issue are coming together and artists are coming aboard. So stay tuned for more announcements soon!

Stay creative!

Glenn & Magnus
Outré Press


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