Story teasers!

The first issue of Outré is beginning to take shape in the writing department. We’re not going to announce the names of the writers just yet, but since some of the scripts are already in the can we thought we could give you a little tease about what we have in store for you.

As mentioned, the stories in the first anthology will deal with responsibility. Out of all the pitches we received, we picked four we felt embraced this theme the best, as well as being intriguing stories on their own. The genres range from futuristic fables to war stories, and we think all of the artists involved will have a blast working on them. On to the teasers:

An ambitious scientist learns the dangers of particle accelerators.

We follow a woman’s development from being a young girl to an adult at the end of a universe.

In Russia, malicious soldiers train a farm dog in a most hazardous game.

Despite the warnings of his dying father, a young man decides to neglect an age-old ritual.


And that’s all we can spill for now. Keep watching this space for more.


Glenn & Magnus


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